Alvvays: Spring 2024

HI-FI Annex (Indianapolis, IN)

On a brisk evening in late April, alternative indie-pop band Alvvays paid a visit to the HI-FI Annex in Indianapolis, Indiana during their Spring 2024 tour. It was the third show of the season for the HI-FI’s outdoor stage, and tickets sold out within weeks of the show being announced. As the moon rose behind the stage, the crowd tightened until fans were shoulder to shoulder. Alvvays took the stage and a roar of applause sprang from behind the barricade.

In 2022, Alvvays released their third album entitled Blue Rev which quickly climbed the charts, so it was no surprise that most of their set consisted of songs from that iconic, unskippable record. Chords from their rock anthem, “After The Earthquake,” erupted throughout the venue, and every single person in the front row danced like they were all old friends. Singer Molly Rankin became a wizard on the pedal board as she crouched to play the synth groove, “Very Online Guy.”

The sun sank deeper and the night grew colder, but the energy continued to build as Alvvays danced through their set. It was almost impossible to hear the band with the crowd screaming every word to “Belinda Says,” the third single from Blue Rev. It’s definitely clear that Alvvays fans know how to have a good time. After the band flawlessly performed nearly every song from Blue Rev, they shredded through their popular hits including “Dreams Tonite” from their 2017 record, Antisocialites, and “Archie, Marry Me” from their 2014 self-titled album.

Not only was the sound phenomenal, but a custom light show provided for an all-around mesmerizing show. Alvvays ended their set with a strong three-song encore including the first single from Blue Rev, “Pharmacist,” and the night ended in pure indie-rock bliss.

photos & story by Haley Struwe