Benson Boone: Fireworks & Rollerblades

Arizona Financial Theatre (Phoenix, AZ)

Benson Boone, the rising star known for his viral songs and emotive lyrics, graced the stage at Arizona Financial Theatre this past Monday on his Fireworks & Rollerblades Tour.

Boone’s stage presence was magnetic from the moment he stepped onto the stage. From heartfelt ballads to infectious pop anthems, his confidence and powerful vocals effortlessly commanded the audience’s attention with every song and even did his trademark backflip off the riser. The crowd was completely enthralled by Boone’s performance, hanging onto his every word and singing along to every chorus. His setlist consisted of some of his most popular songs including “Beautiful Things” and “Slow It Down,” as well as bangers from his newest album.

Boone proved that he is more than just a rising star – he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. If you have the chance to see him live, do not hesitate! You won’t regret it.

photos & story by Kylie Brennan