Knox & Maryjo: I’m So Good At Being Alone

The Echoplex (Los Angeles, CA)

On April 16th, Knox hit the Echoplex stage with his “I’m So Good At Being Alone” tour stop in Los Angeles, California. Knox, who first found success by songwriting for other artists such as The Band Camino and Boys Like Girls, finally hit his stride last year when his song entitled “Sneakers” went viral on TikTok. Now, as a rising star in the pop-rock scene with a quickly growing fanbase, Knox is fresh off the release of his second E.P., I’m So Good At Being Alone.

Fans of all ages, including several young children, gathered in the dark venue. Starting off the night was opener Maryjo, another rising star in the same genre. At 8:30 P.M., the lights dimmed again as Knox entered the stage, adorning a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey. His energy was infectious, as he jumped and danced around on stage, even taking time to have intimate moments with fans in the front row. In between songs, he thanked everyone numerous times for coming out to his show. Knox went on to perform over 15 songs, including “Me, Myself, and Your Eyes,” “Sneakers,” and “I Don’t Wanna Know,” before closing the night with “Not the 1975.”


photos & story by Nicole Ditt