Your Peak - Despy

Your Peak – Despy

I think, in order to achieve self-awareness and maximum happiness, it’s important to know what makes you tick. Today, I want to challenge you to consider what motivates you, inspires you, and—ultimately—brings you to your apex of being. Then, I urge you to do that (whatever that may be) as often as you can in order to live the happiest life you can. After all, if there’s something that makes you feel blissfully alive, it only makes sense for you to fill your life with it as much as possible, right?

Personally, at this stage of my life, I feel most at my peak reading, writing, or exploring the outdoors; because of this, I’ve challenged myself to read, write, and explore every day, and, let me tell you, doing so has made life so much more livable amid school, home, and other everyday life-stress.

What is it that brings you the biggest sense of wholeness and purpose and love? Think about it! It’s something that’s important to know.