The Green Room (Tyler, TX)

Rising alternative-rock band Olive Vox brought their unique sound from California to The Green Room, a local treasure in Tyler, Texas. The band consists of Parker James, Caden Shea, Dayton Philips, and Elijah Parr – all of them bringing their own unique flare to the band. The night of June 3rd, Olive Vox was set to play alongside opening bands, Cloverfield and Palefade. The Green Room hosted the night of magic and made sure to bring in all the fans for the last show ever at the venue.

Olive Vox performed after Cloverfield and left everything they had in front of the crowd. The band wasn’t afraid to pour all of their energy into their songs which included some fan favorites like “Bury Me Low” and their newest single, “Wash You Away.” They made the last night at the Green Room unforgettable and gained new fans to follow them on their youthful and amazing journey.

photos & story by Jonathan Garcia