Ever since I got into 5 Seconds of Summer in 2014, I have had to defend them with my life. First, it was whether or not they were a boy band, a fight battled with some people in my class. Then, there was random drama along the way with Fifth Harmony fans and directioners (I was crushed – NEVER mess with directioners, even when you know you’ve done nothing wrong.) Once their debut album came out, I had to fight off my friends complaining about weak lyrics and sappy pop music. With their second album, I’ve had to listen to other people complain about being bored and growing away from 5SOS.


All of this was very disheartening, and sadly, a lot of it was stuff I had to agree with. But I made myself promise that I would stick with 5SOS and defend them, even if I would be a hypocrite. Through it all, I’ve been with Michael Gordon Clifford, dumb glo-ups, Rolling Stone scandals, and Calum Hood’s beautiful painted nails. With highs and lows, I have been here, waiting for the point where I would break apart from this band, once and for all. And I’m at a point right now, BUT IT’S NOT THAT ONE.


"Girls Talk Boys" - 5 Seconds of Summer

“Girls Talk Boys” – 5 Seconds of Summer

Their new song, “Girls Talk Boys”, was released on July 15th and I am ASTONISHED. Oh man, this song is so dorky and so good and so unique. It’s nothing like anything they’ve released before. Gone are the “Oh, oh, oh”s, and there’s no more repeating the last words of every. Single. Line. Going from “She Looks So Perfect” to “Amnesia”, then to “She’s Kinda Hot” and now “Girls Talk Boys”, it is very impossible to imagine they are all by the same band. If lead singer Luke Hemmings’ voice wasn’t so recognizable, maybe more people would think that some of these songs are by another band. The evolution of 5 Seconds of Summer is a miraculous one. Ever since 5SOS released their first EP, they’ve talked about what they want their sound to be like. With “She’s Kinda Hot”, they achieved the true “bringing guitars back to the radio,” but “Girls Talk Boys” has lifted them up into heaven.


The song features a simple, Pink Floyd-inspired guitar riff that goes through significant parts of the song and funky verses (Yeah, I said funky because this is definitely influenced by 70s-80s music, something that is also so different from their first album.) This song, I’ve been waiting years to say this, could actually be on an alternative radio station. I knew there was a reason why I told myself I couldn’t stop liking them. I was unconsciously preparing myself for this.
The song is not a single, instead it was written for the Ghostbusters soundtrack, which kind of makes it even better. Apparently, the song is even in the movie and not just on the soundtrack! That’s just a rumor, but imagine Melissa McCarthy blasting ghosts to the sweet, sweet falsetto displayed in “Girls Talk Boys”. Other  artists featured on the soundtrack are Walk The Moon, G-Eazy feat. Jeremih, Elle King, Fall Out Boy, Pentatonix, ZAYN, and Mark Ronson (and Passion Pit, and A$AP FERG. All 3 are in the same song.) Honestly, I am very afraid to listen to the rest of the songs. Not because I’m afraid that I’ll be disappointed, but because I fear that I’ll have to tell someone that my favorite album is the Ghostbusters soundtrack.