Jordan Witzigreuter, known professionally as “The Ready Set”, is an electropop singer-songwriter from Indiana currently signed with Hopeless Records. He released his fourth album, I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love, back in April and is now back with his new single, “Before You”, featuring KARRA!


The Ready Set

The Ready Set

Let me just start by saying: wow.


What a song to come back with. This tune is a combination of so many perfect elements that create a phenomenal piece of music. Let’s just say, I would be proud to have created this song. After listening to it just once, I was hooked and had it in my playlist. It ticks all the boxes: good beats, catchy lyrics, relatable topic and delightful to listen to. This is a true electropop song which I know many of you will love.


KARRA has such a beautiful and unique voice which works perfectly with the tune and the overall song. Her voice caters brilliantly to what the industry is looking for at the moment! Her melodies are stunning and I love how her and The Ready Set’s voices work together.




The electro bridge adds variation and drops back into the chorus seamlessly. I love the subtle chimes in the background, adding that little something special, and the slight drops in the chorus are perfectly timed. Every element flows together well, and the backing vocals towards the end layer without fault. I especially enjoy how the song develops throughout with the additions of extra vocals and instruments.


The hushed, soft voices in the chorus are smooth and make this song even more beautiful; they make it a catchy love song. Their voices are such an excellent combination, and I would love to hear more from them both in the future.


This is a song about not only love, but also that special someone who can change your outlook on life. The lyricism is pretty spot on in terms of relatability and passion, and the finished piece tells a beautiful story. My favourite lines are, “You found me under waterfalls,” and “Somehow, with you, it’s easier to breathe.”


“Before You” shows a big jump in The Ready Set’s music, suggesting it can only get better. He has shown that he can create the music that everyone loves (which is pretty impressive) whilst still staying original.


This is such a feel-good song and a perfect addition to any playlist. It definitely fits the criteria for what is popular at the moment (I feel it has an air of Galantis to it), so I’m sure it will be a favourite for most!


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