Long T-Shirts - Justin Bieber

Long T-Shirts – Justin Bieber

Of course, keeping up with the current fashion trends is important so that you don’t fall behind. One trend that has been spreading really quickly, is long t-shirts. Seen on people like Justin Bieber, long shirts a cool style that is sweeping the nation. Easy to pair with jeans and sneakers, these are one of my favorite style pieces right now. One store that is booming with long t-shirts, is H&M. Not only are they cool, but extremely cheap.


I have been wearing long t-shirts a TON lately. Because of how plain they are, they are so easy to wear and make a bland outfit cool. I have an army green one, a white one with holes, and a long sleeve beige one. The army green one is easy to pair with dark jeans and boots, the white one is easy to pair with a lighter wash jean and sneakers, and the beige long sleeve one is great with white jeans and sneakers.

Long T-Shirts

Long T-Shirts


You can also throw jacket over it. Even though bomber jackets are shorter than the shirt, it still looks awesome. Windbreakers, bomber jackets, and even winter coats (if it’s still cold where you live) go perfectly with long t-shirts because of how simple they are.

Long T-Shirts

Long T-Shirts

I can only think of one flaw of a long t-shirt, and that’s how the length blocks pockets. Every single day I find myself trying to slide my phone in the pocket of my jeans, but I can never do it. Then I need to lift my shirt and do it. While that’s annoying, it is such a small flaw that I totally recommend these 100%.


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