Rebecca Black: Let Her Burn

The Axis Club (Toronto, ON)

On May 10th, pop-star Rebecca Black took to the Axis Club in Toronto for the “Let Her Burn” tour. Demonstrating remarkable growth since her last Canadian show, the 25-year-old artist has firmly established herself as a rising star with her debut album’s release and elevated performances.

The spectacle of Rebecca’s concert was nothing short of extraordinary. Her entrance was an unforgettable sight, as she was lifted up by her two backup dancers in dark cloaks. She effortlessly flowed through an assortment of songs, including a selection from her previous E.P., Rebecca Black Was Here. Supporting Rebecca were two impressive backup dancers, Cj Jenson and Charles Fournier, adding a burst of energy to each song.

At one portion of the show, Rebecca amazed the crowd with a unique bedazzled chainsaw microphone stand which she performed with. The meticulous attention given to costuming and props continuously elevated the show’s visuals. Her backup dancers seamlessly transitioned through various costume changes, starting from the initial cloaks and progressing to leather straps, headbands doubling as stage lights, and even faux-enlarged breasts. The grand finale of the night featured a hyper-pop rendition of her timeless hit, “Friday,” followed by the upbeat and infectious track, “Girlfriend.” It’s no doubt that Rebecca Black pours her heart and soul into every performance, making her return to Toronto a night to remember.

photos & story by Sara De Ledesma