Nat and Alex Wolff: Fall 2023

Troubadour (West Hollywood, CA)

On November 19th, Nat and Alex Wolff played the historic Troubadour in West Hollywood, California. The pop-rock duo released their highly anticipated studio album, Room for Two, in early 2023 after not releasing music for almost seven years. The two got their start on a Nickelodeon show called The Naked Brothers Band, creating their own band outside of the show with the same name. Around 2008, the brothers later ran into issues over the rights ownership of their previous name, so they decided to change their band name and simply go by their own names. Both are extremely musically gifted, with Alex playing guitar, piano, and drums and Nat playing guitar, keyboard, and bass.

Based on the crowd in the room, it was apparent that most of them were longtime fans of the duo. As the brothers descended the stairs from the green room and stepped out on stage, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Everyone’s phones shot up in the air to record the iconic performance. Throughout their set, Nat and Alex switched instruments, taking turns playing piano, drums, and singing lead vocals. Their setlist included several of their biggest hits, such as “Rollin’ Around” and “Tenderly,” as well as many songs off their newest album that fans had never heard live before, like “Glue.” The historic Troubadour was the perfect venue for the duo, with dimmed lights creating a moody atmosphere. Nat and Alex obviously have a successful career in the entertainment world as actors, and after their performance, it is clear they have a future in the music industry as well.

photos & story by Nicole Ditt