Durand Jones: Fall 2023

Crescent Ballroom (Phoenix, AZ)

Durand Jones is living proof that American soul music is not dead. Hailing from Hillaryville, Louisiana, Durand feels intensely connected to his hometown, and that love bleeds through in his music. The singer took the road for a fall tour to close out 2023 in support of his most recent full-length album release, Wait Til I Get Over.

His show at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona began with an ambient track that transported the crowd to a muggy Louisiana day. After a few minutes, Durand took the stage, pausing to elaborately don multiple rings and necklaces before finally addressing the crowd. His musical style ranged from gospel to blues-rock, and halfway through, Durand paused the show to deliver a stirring spoken-word on his dream of freedom – for Americans and the rest of the world. Durand’s evocative musical style had the audience ready to laugh, dance, and cry at the drop of a hat.