brakence: hypochondriac

The Observatory (Santa Ana, CA)

After completing a 15-show North American tour in 2022, hyper-pop artist brakence was not finished sharing his story. In 2023, brakence set out for the second leg of the “hypochondriac” tour, with the second to last show being at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California on November 21st. The “hypochondriac” tour is in support of brakence’s 3rd full-length album, hypochondriac, which was released in 2022 on Columbia Records.

brakence performed alongside his guitarist, Wyatt Otis, who stunned the crowd with his skilled guitar riffs. The emo-rap artist performed hits such as “venus fly trap,” “5g,” “bugging!” and more. The crowd’s energy was electric and moshed to almost every song. brakence welcomed special guest Quadeca to the stage to perform their newly released song, “A LA CARTE.” To slow the night down, brakence played the guitar and keyboard to perform “introvert.” brakence is continuing the “hypochondriac” tour in Europe in early 2024.

photos & story by Teddie Hart