Zolita: Falling Out / Falling In


The Echo (Los Angeles, CA)

On March 1st, Zolita brought her Falling Out / Falling In Tour to The Echo in Los Angeles. Walking into the venue immediately felt like a safe space. Fans of all ages, sexualities, genders, and races were quietly hugging and listening intently to the incredible opener, Riley Biederer, who was keeping their attention with just her vocals and acoustic guitar. The audience was one of the most polite and respectful towards an opener that I’ve ever seen. Famous queer icons, Shannon Beveridge and Becky Missal, posed for photos with fans as everyone awaited the start of Zolita’s set.

Zolita played songs from several of her projects, including her debut album, Evil Angel, as well as her recent 2023 E.P. release, Falling Out / Falling In. She started her set with “I Fucking Love You,” during which delighted fans screamed the lyrics back to her as she interacted with the front row. During several songs, Zolita was joined by backup dancers Sierra Fujita and Madisyn Sloane, who captivated the attention of the audience. She went on to play several songs off her newest E.P., including “Crazy Ex,” “Drunk with Your Exes,” and “Ruin My Life.”

Later on, Zolita brought the lights down low and strummed along melodically as she sang a stripped version of fan favorite song “Ashley.” Her girlfriend, who was in the crowd, was graciously allowed to stand in towards the front for the song written about her. As the song progressed, fans pulled out their flashlights and lighters and waved them above their heads back and forth as they shouted along to the acoustic song.

The setlist also included two surprise songs. A medley of Zolita’s “Orchard St.” and Taylor Swift’s “Cornelia Street” was met with excited squeals from the room, which was no doubt filled with Swifties. Her cover of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” which included female pronouns rather than male, was also met with a very positive reaction from the crowd. During the encore, she brought Tatiana “Tatchi” Ringsby and Luna Montana onstage for “Somebody I F*cked Once” from the deluxe version of her debut album, Evil Angel.

Zolita’s concerts allow everyone who attends the opportunity to forget about everything else happening in the world and fully exist as themselves in the moment. Being able to feel completely free to exist as myself while attending her show is an experience I will never forget.

photos & story by Nicole Ditt