Valley: Lost In Translation

The Beacham (Orlando, FL)

Fans from across Florida headed to The Beacham Theater in Orlando to witness the highly anticipated debut show of Canadian indie-pop band, Valley. The venue was filled with an infectious energy as fans chatted excitedly, sharing their anticipation for the night ahead.

As the lights dimmed and the stage came alive with a vibrant display of colors, Valley emerged from behind the curtain and were greeted by an eruption of shouts. They wasted no time diving into their setlist, kicking things off with “There’s Still a Light in the House,” “Throwback Tears,” and “Lost in Translation.” The atmosphere grew even more electric as Valley transitioned seamlessly from song to song. The track “Natural” was a highlight performance of the night, a song that showcased their skill for crafting catchy hooks and infectious rhythms.

Throughout the show, Valley’s stage presence was both captivating and energetic. The band members interacted with each other seamlessly, their chemistry evident in the way they moved and played off one another.

As the evening drew to a close, the crowd erupted in cheers, begging for an encore. Valley returned to the stage answering to the enthusiastic crowd’s request. They closed out the night as lead singer Rob Laska joined fans in the crowd to perform “Paper Cup (sorry for myself),” leaving the audience on a high note and wanting more.

Valley’s debut show in Orlando was a resounding success. The band showcased their immense talent and potential with a flawless performance. With an unwavering stage presence and an ability to connect with their audience, Valley has undoubtedly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and is showing no signs of slowing down.

photos & story by Jade Pike