Taylor Swift: Eras

Lincoln Financial Field (Philadelphia, PA)

Iconic pop artist who needs no introduction, Taylor Swift, brought her “Eras” tour to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a weekend of hometown shows. With a whirlwind of events occurring since her most recent tour, fans speculated for months about what Taylor may do for her next tour – a rescheduled Lover Fest, a folklore & evermore wonderland? Releasing her 10th full-length album, Midnights, among her re-recorded and re-released albums, Red (Taylor’s Version) and Fearless (Taylor’s Version), she created the “Eras” tour, representing her extensive discography that has remained relevant over the past nearly two decades.

Seeing Taylor Swift perform is a once in a lifetime experience, and the nearly 70,000 capacity stadium was packed with both die-hard fans and casual listeners. Taylor says it best in “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince,” kicking off both the entire show and the Lover era: “It’s been a long time coming, but it’s you and me. There’s nothing like this.” Separating the show into all of her eras, Taylor has an intricate stage design, backup dancers, lights, and smoke machines relating to each song and each album. As an artist who could truly stand on the stage with a microphone and a guitar and nothing else and still draw in the same crowd, it’s beautiful to see how much thought went into every aspect of the show.

In the middle of the Red era, Taylor brings out opener Phoebe Bridgers to perform their duet, “Nothing New,” one of the vault tracks on Red (Taylor’s Version.) A notable part of each show is near the end, when Taylor performs two surprise songs, generally differing every night. Tonight, she performs “gold rush” from evermore, clearing up the debate on the line, “with my Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door,” confirming that it is, after all, the Philadelphia Eagles – the perfect place to dissolve the rumors as Lincoln Financial Field is the team’s home base. At Phoebe Bridgers’ request, the second surprise song is “Come Back… Be Here,” from Red (Taylor’s Version.)

As we get closer to midnight, Taylor concludes the show with 7 songs from her newest full-length album, Midnights. Outside the venue, there’s a crowd of hundreds of people singing along to the faint sound of Taylor through the venue walls. Seeing nearly 70,000 people gathered in one spot is surreal and the most loving crowd you could imagine. If you get the chance to pick up tickets to the “Eras” tour, being in the venue will be magical, no matter where your seat is!