sub urban: winter 2022

Sub Urban

rickshaw stop (san francisco, ca)

Daniel Virgil Maisonneuve, A.K.A. Sub Urban, kicked off his very first solo headlining tour at the eclectic venue Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA on the final night of November. The tour follows his debut album, HIVE, release earlier this year in June. Despite only releasing his debut album this year, Sub Urban has been making waves for years now. His debut single under the Sub Urban moniker, “Cradles,” was one of TikTok’s first viral sounds in 2019, while he has worked on other hits such as Bella Poarch’s “Build a Bitch” as a writer and producer.

After a hard-hitting set by opener Teenage Disaster, the crowd in the intimate venue was buzzing with anticipation as they waited for Sub Urban to take the stage. Entering with energy and enigma with the first song off of HIVE, “Virgil’s Mania,” the tone was set for the rest of the night. Accompanied by his weird dance moves were alt-pop beats, baroque sounds, and moody vocals blasting through the speakers to the crowd. Progressing through the 17-song setlist, which included nine out the ten songs on HIVE (several of which were played for the first time in front of a live audience), a handful off of his 2020 E.P., Thrill Seeker, and a few singles, Sub Urban finally arrived at the final song of the night that everyone in the room knew and danced to, “Cradles.”

Sub Urban, with his haunting and dark approach to pop, certainly delivers a unique concert experience and has finally embarked on his first headlining tour. He will be hitting 14 cities in the U.S. throughout December - don’t miss it!

photos & review by carolyn wang