rainbow kitten surprise: the new year celebration weekend

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

the eastern (atlanta, ga)

Rainbow Kitten Surprise ended their sold out December tour with three nights at The Eastern to celebrate the new year! From December 29th through the 31st, the 2,200 capacity venue in Atlanta, Georgia was packed full of RKS fans. Opening tonight’s show was rising pop-rock star Annie DiRusso, and the following nights were supported by Twen and The Brook and The Bluff. Annie got the crowd invested right away with the energy rising in each song, and each song being effortlessly catchy.

The crowd was thrilled when the headliners finally walked onto the stage. The band has grown immensely since their last full-length album was released in 2018, and despite only having a few singles released between now and then, they have garnered over 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone! Everyone in the crowd was ecstatic to be ringing in the new year with their favorite band and showed their excitement and dedication by singing along to every word of every song.

RKS closed out the night with a fan favorite; “It’s Called: Freefall” began and the crowd was so pumped that you could hardly hear the performers on stage. This band is so unique and beloved around the world, and they should be on your must-see list for 2023.

photos & review by szonia nemes