Noah Kahan: Stick Season

Noah Kahan

the wiltern (los angeles, ca)

The folk-pop singer of your dreams, Noah Kahan, brought the entirely sold out “Stick Season” tour across North America this year - including four back-to-back hometown shows in Vermont, two nights in a row in both Colorado and Utah, and selling out iconic venues around the country. The second to last show of the tour was in Los Angeles, California, and from how packed the venue was with overjoyed fans, we knew it would be a special one.

Noah has been creating music since 2017, and even signed with Republic Records that same year. His successful career has moved quickly up the charts, and most recently, he caught the attention of… essentially everybody around the world with his hit single, “Stick Season.” The single went viral on TikTok due to its brutally honest lyrics and perfectly catchy instrumentals, making it relatable in its own unique way to anyone who listens. “Stick Season” certainly brought Noah to the forefront of everybody's playlists, and kept him there, with his extensive catalog of no-skips.

On the 19th of November at The Wiltern, fans were able to walk through Noah’s discography with him. Opening the show with “False Confidence” from his 2019 debut album, Busyhead, immediately heightened the excitement in the room, more than we even thought it could be. Noah performed nearly every song from his most recent album with a perfect mix of older fan favorites added in between. The “Stick Season” tour dates in 2023 are already completely sold out, but make sure you follow along closely with Noah to see what’s coming next!

photos by nicole ditt
review by elyza reinhart