Microwave: supporting The Menzingers

The National (Richmond, VA)

Alternative-punk band Microwave performed in Richmond, Virginia at The National supporting The Menzingers on their fall tour. From Atlanta, Georgia, Microwave formed in 2013 and have since released three full-length albums. The band’s debut album, Stovall, was released in 2014, followed by Much Love, released in 2016. Much Love consists of the majority of the band’s biggest songs, like “Drown,” “Lighterless,” and “Vomit.” Microwave performed in Richmond a few times throughout the past two years and has had no trouble drawing a crowd. They fit right in as direct support for The Menzingers. At the end of the show, the band teased new music to come in the new year!

photos & story by Elyza Reinhart