Lostboycrow: Supporting Echosmith


great american music hall (san francisco, ca)

Chris Blair - better known as Lostboycrow on (and off) stage - brought his beaming, energetic discography to start the show for Echosmith at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. Joined by a few friends to form the entire band, Lostboycrow gave his all to every minute of the performance - jumping off of things with serious air time, stepping right up to the barricade, and shredding on the guitar with the band - impressing current fans and certainly earning new ones.

From older songs like “Santa Fe” to newer songs like “Angelina,” Lostboycrow gave the audience a full introduction to his unique sound - ending with “Strawberry Sunscreen,” his most viral track that’s nearing 20 million streams on Spotify alone. Lostboycrow’s upcoming album, appropriately named Indie Pop, is set to release on December 9th, and his Spotify puts what to expect so eloquently: “If Sante Fe was a conversation between my younger and older selves, and Valleyheart was a bouquet of love songs written longingly from my apartment, then I suppose the next album is a solitary dance on the way to somewhere unfamiliar.” Lostboycrow is channeling something very unique, and we are keeping close tabs on him - if you’ve ever wanted to be able to say you knew someone before everybody else did, you should do the same.

photos & review by carolyn wang