JORDY: Supporting Spencer Sutherland


The Belasco Theater (Los Angeles, CA)

Rising pop artist JORDY performed in Los Angeles, California at the Belasco Theater on the final night of supporting Spencer Sutherland’s “In His Mania” tour. JORDY and Spencer created such a warm environment and it was clearly a perfect duo for a show bill.

It would have been a difficult task to not have a great time during the show. JORDY is easy to love, with his vulnerable, candid lyrics and infectious pop sound. The room was singing along with JORDY the whole night, proving that there were certainly some fans of him already in the room, while also winning over the other half of the crowd with ease. The night was made even more special when John Hampson from Nine Days, who originally released “Story of a Girl,” which JORDY gave a queer remix to, titled “Story of a Boy,” came up to perform JORDY’s rendition. With the recent release of his second full-length album, BOY, he’s quickly rising to the top of everyone’s playlists.

photos & story by Caitlyn Hastings