Flipturn: Shadowglow


the broadberry (richmond, va)

I’m a music photographer, so I go to shows nearly every night. It’s almost second nature for my friends to ask me what show I’ll be attending next. Prior to the flipturn show, when my friends asked what show I would be photographing, I responded, “flipturn. I’m excited, everybody loves them.” The sold out show in an absolutely packed venue confirmed just that, past what I even thought.

flipturn brought their beaming, alternative-pop music to Richmond, VA on the “Shadowglow Tour” and transformed The Broadberry into a summer night - despite winter already being in full effect in the city. The band has been making rhythmic tunes since 2017, but the release of their debut album quickly solidified their place on the map. Dillon Basse’s cleanest vocals alongside Madeline Jarman’s expert bass playing, Mitch Fountain’s dreamy synth additions, Devon VonBalson’s captivating drums, and Tristan Duncan’s groovy guitar parts make up the dream team that is flipturn.

Every aspect of the show was intentional, with a beautiful and coordinated lighting design and an unforgettable setlist consisting of nearly every song on Shadowglow. It’s hard to believe that Shadowglow is flipturn’s debut album with how beloved the band is around the world. The encore stuck out to me the most; the band closed the show with a two-song encore, starting with their hit song “August,” which has over 21 million streams on Spotify alone, and “Nickel,” which is the most fitting final song, as it has such an iconic outro that you can shout endlessly.

For fans of COIN, Mt. Joy, and The Backseat Lovers, take this as a sign to get flipturn added to your playlists. This unstoppable band has a few more tour dates in 2022, and is starting the second leg of the “Shadowglow Tour” next year to visit additional cities.

photos & review by elyza reinhart