daniel seavey: the introducing daniel seavey show

Daniel Seavey

troubadour (west hollywood, ca)

On December 5th, Daniel Seavey made his solo show debut at the iconic Troubadour venue in West Hollywood, CA. Seavey is best known for being a member of the boyband Why Don’t We, who have been making music together since 2016. The band is currently fighting a legal battle with the production company they originally signed with when they formed, and as a result, were forced to cancel their 2022 tour, leaving Why Don’t We on an indefinite hiatus with time to explore solo projects and passions. Two of Seavey’s bandmates, Corbyn Besson and Zach Herron, were in attendance to show their support!

Fellow American Idol alum Mackenzie Bourg opened for Seavey, serenading the crowd with the simplicity of his acoustic guitar and voice. Even after only releasing one solo single, the sold out crowd was chanting Daniel’s name in anticipation before his set had begun. Seavey performed several unreleased songs from his solo project, including “I Tried,” which you have most likely heard on TikTok, and a snippet of his new single, “Runaway,” which was officially released on December 9th. A memorable part of the show was when he used a looper to play a variety of cover songs and instruments simultaneously.

Seavey sang the Why Don’t We staple “8 letters” solo before inviting bandmate Corbyn Besson onstage to perform his iconic guitar solo in “fallin.” Outer Banks actor Austin North was also invited onstage to play drums for a song! You wouldn’t have guessed that this was Daniel’s first solo show with the dedication from his fans in the crowd and his beautiful stage presence.

photos & review by nicole ditt