casey: winter 2023


the garage (london, england)

We had the chance to catch Casey’s intimate U.K. and Germany tour on the first of two London dates! The band had been on a performing hiatus for 4 years, and this show was definitely worth the long wait.


Casey is a Welsh rock band that was formed in South Wales, United Kingdom, in 2014. Originally, the group formed as a studio band under the name “Well Wisher,” but later on evolved into Casey; their group name is derived from both lead singer Tom Weaver’s love of the album Casey by The Rise of Science, and also lead guitar Liam Torrance’s tribute to the late Hawthorne Heights guitarist, Casey Calvert.

In December of 2018, the band released a statement explaining that they decided to disband, following a final U.K./European tour and a one-off headline show in the United States in 2019. After 4 long years without Casey, fans had nearly given up any hope of them returning. That was until the band began posting on their Instagram account again this past November. With black screens that only read “,” fans went wild with emotions. The comments were filled with hysterical stans, begging the band not to play around with their feelings. A few days later, the band posted again, captioning the photo, “For a long time we weren’t sure we’d ever write or say this again, but we’re happy to be returning as a band called Casey.⁠.. To keep it brief, after a lot of individual reflection we came to the agreement that some of the best times of our lives were spent in this silly little band – and would be naive to say we don’t miss it. ⁠We’re coming back with a fresh perspective on the music we’ve made and experiences we’ve shared. And we’re excited to be back creating new memories with each other, and with all of you too.”⁠ Not long after, Casey announced a five-date tour of Europe starting in January 2023 along with some incredible single drops: “Great Grief” and “Atone.”


Casey has always given a melancholic but warm feel, the same feeling that made them acclaimed between their audience and the alternative music scene. The band was welcomed back to London with the warmest and most emotional audience imaginable. Opening with their two newest singles and sprinkling in some fan favorites throughout the set, it was a real treat for everyone in the room. One word to describe Casey would be “intentional” – the details of the show encapsulated their energy perfectly, from the flowers on their microphone stands, the lighting design, and the way each song was strung together into the perfect setlist.

photos & review by Ilaria Iannarilli