hebebühne (hamburg, germany)

anaïs brought the “44 tour” to Hamburg, Germany for the final show of the run! The tour was in celebration of the release of her latest E.P., 44, which debuted this past July. The indie-pop singer explained that she learned so much about angel numbers this year and felt it was her good luck charm and a fitting name for the E.P. and tour!

The show was full of personal and intimate moments, and you could feel the crowd’s connection to anaïs. The speaking moments were just a bonus, everyone was ready to dance and sing along to anaïs’ songs. Her light voice ran through the intimate venue, singing songs from 44 and previous releases as well. The crowd was surprised when anaïs announced that she had written a song this summer with her French opener, Blowsom! The song was so well-received and their energy together on stage was electric. Overall, the show was a great representation of anaïs as an artist and brings promise for future tours of hers!

photos & review by ella rueffert