Since the release of her latest album, Kicker, Arizona native Zella Day has especially been one to talk about. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter introduced herself to the industry back in 2012, and has been growing ever since. Through her soulful and carefree music, which is a memorizing mixture of many genres, including bohemian, folk, electronic pop and more, Zella Day has been successful in capturing the attention of many people all over the country.
In addition to her music, Zella is well-known for her wardrobe and memorable live performances. Her unique and stylish apparel matches and emphasizes her music to create a unique entrancing atmosphere for all of her shows. A particular  aesthetically pleasing appearance of Zella’s that stands out is from her set this year during the music festival, Coachella. Many people were drawn in by not only Zella’s clothing, but her passion-filled vocals, as well. Her performance was raved about by all who were lucky enough to attend, and may be considered as the performance that changed her career.
Zella Day's U.S. Tour

Zella Day’s U.S. Tour

Besides some other music festival performances this summer, Zella Day is embarking on her own headlining U.S. summer tour with stops all around the country. With Zella’s captivating set list and appearance, as well as her natural passion for her music and performances, each show is bound to be both special and memorable for everyone in the audience. If you can, it would be an amazing experience to see her hypnotizing performance live. Especially with affordable tickets, there is no reason why people shouldn’t come out to experience a special part of the long journey Zella Day has just begun.

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