Feather in a Storm - Alison Graham

Feather in a Storm – Alison Graham

One often reaches points in their life where they feel as if they don’t know what they’re doing. Sometimes moods like this can last days, weeks, months… Adolescence is often the beginning of it. What can a person do? Why does it matter? Existentialism grips to one like sap sticks to a tree, like words that hover in the back of a mind until they don’t have meaning anymore. Hope is the thing of feathers, but sometimes the storm is too strong and too cold.


Often times, a person struggles to reach out for something steady. When one drifts, it can be too hard to stop. When going through struggles of such demanding forces, the infancies that hold a person to strive for more, can also tear them down. Even the wanderlust are tired of traveling.  The only thing the most complex of our generation would want to do would be to sleep. A premature death of sorts, sleep is the amateur way to stop moving.


Why do we struggle? Why is there no satisfaction? Many of us want the same things: gratification and justice. We want the world and we will fight for it. So why do we hesitate? Why are we so overwhelmed? Can we not see what needs to be done?


Turmoil has spilled blood in the past and now it seems to crave for minds. Ginsberg said that he has seen the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness. Why are we mad? Why have we been driven to such a state? Has Eris entered our hearts? Has she planted her seeds of discord in our passion? Has she turned us into nothing more than vessels for stark derangement?


What are the questions that you ask? How can we stop? We must live and cheer and cry and dance until we are better. The drifters of the world will float together with a bond so strong, no one will ever shake the faith and strength of the wanderers. For every individual with wounded bodies and brains, there must be two who care, who heal, who love. For every man with war in his eyes, there must be two who show him that there is more than enmity towards those who differ from us.


We are all the same. We drift and we wonder; we wake and we sleep. We question and make mistakes. We love and hate. We fight with blistered bodies and stinging souls but we will find our way. One can go blindly for the entirety of their life, but one cannot grow alone.


As humans, we are unaware why we are here. One can point to God for the answers while another can point to science. This does not matter. We are here for each other. We are naked and we are humble. The support of others can get us by. Our moods will change until we are the guiding light for others who have struggled in ways that we wish we could forget. No matter what we do with our careers, our bodies, or our minds, we will always be a human first. We will always be here for each other and we must always remember that.