Greer Wilson, A.K.A Greer, is back with his new single “Satisfy”, 8 months since his last release “Hardcore”, making this his first 2017 release—and boy, does it deliver. This smooth, sexy dance tune approaches the dance songs we hear in the charts today successfully, staying in-line with some of more popular tunes around at the moment whilst still holding its own sound. “Satisfy” almost reminds me of Years & Years through the slight chime-like sounds during the verses, making this a tune that I know many of you will love.


The short yet enticing intro moves into a short, sexy verse which holds a different tone to that of the bridge and chorus. The chime sounds separate the verses from the rest of the song without affecting the overall tone and pulls in that aforementioned Years & Years influence. The bridge picks up the pace and involves a catchy tune and lyrics, leading perfectly into the chorus—my favourite part of the song.


The chorus is powerful yet smooth and, paired with the strong vocals, really makes this a record to be proud of. I particularly enjoy the way the backing music builds up then drops back, adding tension and pulling all the musical elements together, as well as the strong beats which make you want to move. Each element is carried strongly throughout the song and the techno backing music gives this a feel-good factor that makes you want to get moving and sing along.


"Satisfy" - Greer

“Satisfy” – Greer

At just 20 years old, Greer has shown his capability to produce music that caters to both the clubs and the charts, which is something that I admire. To successfully create a record which can easily compete with some of the firm favourites out at the moment is very impressive.


He has also shown incredible skill on more than just this track. “Satisfy” pairs beautifully with Greer’s less recent releases such as “Hardcore” and “Love Me Less”. None sound the same, yet they all complement each other brilliantly and are perfect for a night-out playlist. This also leaves me to imagine nothing but good things for a potential future EP.


I think that the way that this song caters to what many are looking for at the moment when it comes to music is something Greer should be very proud of. It approaches dance-pop hits in a refreshing way, taking influences from what we already love to create this unique track. This is one which I feel will be a firm favourite for club-goers as well as being a chart-ready track—well, maybe for those who are slightly older!


Listen to “Satisfy”: