There is something very special about a sunset. It may be the way that the sun slowly sets regardless if we chose to watch or not; it does not wait for our approval or acknowledgement. Every single day, we can put ourselves in the way of beauty by choosing to be present during a sunset. Somehow we feel as if they are only available to us while we reside in a tropical island on vacation; it is then that we believe we can truly seize their beauty, but we are wrong. We can spend most of our lives not noticing them and have them pass by within a couple of short moments, or we can take the time to witness nature in all of its glory.


In today’s society, we tend to overlook what we have here on earth and dwell on what we want or need to fulfill some sort of superficial desire. These desires that we crave to possess stem from how disconnected we are from nature and what we already have. Sunsets are just one of those things. The more in touch we get with our surroundings (instead of our eyes focusing upon a tiny screen for the majority of our day), the more we can realize how truly little we need to be content.


Before we have even woken up in the morning, nature is awake and working. Our concrete walls and brick lined houses may block the noise of the crickets or birds chirping, but it does not mean that they are not there; sunsets work in the same way. We can be having a family dinner around the kitchen table and miss out on the palette of colors that form over the landscape just outside the door. Maybe we do not want to know. Maybe we have forgotten just how breathtaking of a view it is, or maybe we just do not care.


Sunset - Samantha Friedman

Sunset – Samantha Friedman

A sunset forces us to go outside and forget our everyday obligations, and it reminds us to just be still. Being still is a very difficult task today, as everything that surrounds us distracts us. Parks today are filled with teenagers aimlessly walking around on their smartphones collecting virtual Pikachus. They could easily be chasing sunsets or chasing their dreams. Okay, that was dramatic, but you get the point. When did it become socially acceptable to go to a recreational area just to hold your phone to your face? Are they going to include Pokémon Go in the Olympics in the future? Who knows! I do know that searching what time the sunset is going to the be in your area and driving or walking there just to see it is a magical experience, well beyond the ownership and prestige of collecting some Charizards.


When you rush to occupy the next up and coming technological trend, do not forget that what you can own, can soon own you too. Do not forget to watch life’s real “show” outside your window because you are too comfortable watching the one on the television screen before you.


Whether you are having a good day or a bad day, watching the sunset can be peaceful and eye-opening. Watching the sky change from pinkish-orange hues may be the most gorgeous thing you will see that day, so take it all in.


No matter what, just remember that the little things that we take for granted end up meaning a lot more than the larger aspects of life that we get caught up in. No matter what car you drive or how large your house is, you can appreciate a sunset. It is simple pleasures like these that chip away at your societal status and bring you back to the simple, planet earth. Oh, and I chose sunsets instead of sunrises because hey, I’m not a morning person.