Hey everybody!


I know that it isn’t easy to pick outfits when you are trying to impress somebody. Whether it’s a possible love interest, a current love interest, or a former love interest, this a guideline that you should follow!

eline for the Perfect Valentine's Day Fit - Jack Goldsmith

Guideline for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Fit – Jack Goldsmith


NEOPRENE: The material found in Triangl bathing suits, it is a very warm, yet cool looking piece of material.


SWEATER: A nice plain sweater that you can get almost anywhere is great to pair over a button down shirt with the collar sticking out of the top of the sweater. It is easy, can be very cheap, and will keep you warm.


URBAN OUTFITTERS GRAPHIC TEE: A very casual but cool and simple piece to let air in. If you don’t want to sweat all over your dinner, I recommend a simple graphic or just a white t-shirt.


POLO QUARTER-BUTTON SHIRT: A classic and a classy shirt; a polo shirt is a way to wear a t-shirt, but still be dressy. They are also super breezy; these things have been lifesavers for me when I have to go to any fancy restaurants that I know will be warm.


I hope this helped you pick an outfit for your date! Happy Valentine’s Day!