A few months ago, Halsey, a talented singer from New Jersey whom I’ve been following for over a year now, announced that she was teaming up with Mac cosmetics for a  new lipstick. Of course, the Internet went wild asking the artist a number of questions, which she answered very lightly. The due date of this slate greyish-blue lipstick was kept a secret for a while, until only 24 hours before it went on sale!


Halsey’s fans freaked out with the short notice, but nonetheless, many purchased the lipstick. It couldn’t have been at a better time, as Mac was offering free two-day shipping!


The lipstick arrived in the typical Mac black box. Open it up, and you see a little blue lipstick box. If you look closely, you’ll see it’s actually the same color as her old, beautiful blue hair and her signature! Take the lipstick out, and it’s just a typical Mac lipstick tube. No complaints here though, as I love Mac packaging.


MAC Lipstick / Halsey - Madden Levin

MAC Lipstick / Halsey – Madden Levin

The lipstick itself is a matte finish and pretty long wearing. The formula is very smooth and glides on like a dream, what more could you ask for? With one swipe, you have an opaque and even coverage! As I mentioned before, the shade is similar to slate gray, but on the blue side. This shade might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but as someone who appreciates all forms of makeup and loves trying out new things, I was super happy!
My overall review on this product is that it is amazing! The shade isn’t too out there, so I feel like someone who is more used to nude shades could even love it! Though I don’t feel like it’s for everyday, it is a shade that is good to have in your collection. This lipstick is still available, so get your hands on it before it sells out! I’m sure it will in no time.