For all of my life, I have looked to design within fashion; graphic tees and different prints have taken up a lot of my closet. But lately, I have been playing around with more simplicity in fashion. Simplicity is fun because if you play it off the right way, it can be a loud and cool outfit. In this article, I will be talking about some of the simplistic staples that have been coming into my fashion game lately.

White T-Shirts

White T-Shirt - Jack Goldsmith

White T-Shirt – Jack Goldsmith

White t-shirts have been a blessing in my closet lately. I used to hate them because they were boring, and had nothing to them. My view on it, was “Why wear a white shirt when I can wear a shirt with an actual design or color on it?” Now, I feel completely different. White t-shirts go with everything – literally, everything. I love wearing white shirts with windbreakers, bomber jackets, trench coats, and so much more. They are easy to pair thing with because of how simplistic and neutral they are.

Plain Hanes Sweatshirts

These sweatshirts are so amazing. Cheap, soft, and so simplistic that you can pair them with anything. These sweatshirts come in so many colors, and are comfortable enough to wear around the house. Because they have no words or design, you can wear them with a more complex pant or shoe. They are also about $10, which is amazing!

White Shoes

White Shoes - Jack Goldsmith

White Shoes – Jack Goldsmith

Damn, Daniel! But seriously, white shoes are also a necessity when it comes to simplicity. Because they are as neutral as a white tee, you can wear them with any outfit. They have white shoes everywhere, so it all depends on how you like the look and fit of them.