Over spring break 2015, my family and I took a trip up to Alaska. Our trip was filled with skiing, hiking, ice skating, shopping and relaxing. It was a really great time.

Abandoned Bridge - Girdwood, Alaska - Adam Vossen

Abandoned Bridge – Girdwood, Alaska – Adam Vossen

After a long flight over the mountains, we arrived to Anchorage. From there we drove some windy roads through the mountains to a little ski town named Girdwood about an hour away. We stayed at a ski lodge nestled in the Chugach mountain range.

Just outside our hotel was a trailhead to a hike. The beginning of this trail took us through open fields of snow and pine trees, later on we got into the mountains. We took little paths through the snow-covered trees, and ice covered ground. We eventually got up to an abandoned bridge that was partly broken. The others decide to go around, but I went on it.

Pull Bridge - Girdwood, Alaska - Adam Vossen

Pull Bridge – Girdwood, Alaska – Adam Vossen

After that, we got to a pull bridge. This was a trolley cart attached to a rope that goes across the gorge. It was shut down, but if you were to use it, you would hop in the cart and manually pull yourself across this deep gorge. This hike was a great way to keep warm in the cold temperatures.

My trip was a great experience for my family and me. It was breathtakingly beautiful and I had never seen anything like Alaska. I hope I can go again someday.