The Swedish metal-rock band, Avatar, brought their freak show circus along for In This Moment’s Half God/Half Devil Tour performing alongside Gemini Syndrome and Motionless in White. Following Gemini Syndrome’s set, Avatar hit the stage playing several fan favorites such as “Smells Like a Freak Show”. The audience was practically chanting the lyrics to the bass-heavy melody and raising their devil horns to the sky ironically.


With their twisted and freaky performance, the band blew away the crowd. The robotic-like movements and glassy stares into the abyss brought the audience to their feet without a doubt. Several members of the crowd painted their faces with clownish makeup and circus inspired outfits to resemble the iconic band.


Avatar is far from being at the bottom of the top rock bands list with six albums, several tours, and dedicated fans worshipping at their feet. If you’re into creepy yet oh-so satisfying music, check out these clowns and join the freak show!